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Thing 8 – Google Calendar

Using Google Calendar and using it well is one thing I can say I have achieved in the last year. With big thanks to my CILIP Chartership mentee Richard who in passing talked about his use of it and encouraged me to explore further.

We use Outlook calendars at work and share these and this is great for organing meetings, one to ones, knowing if someone is likely to be in their office, etc… And you can add your private out of work appointments and make them invisible to others. BUT… while I could access Outlook online this wasn’t with ease, and certainly didn’t look pretty.

Much as I love my Moleskin diary once I learnt to export from Outlook to Google calendar (a weekly or a little less job) my diary is now on my phone, so I can check appointments in the morning on my way to work and be mentally prepared for the day ahead, book appointments knowing what I may have planned on any day and in meetings confirm availability without a process of duplicate online and paper entries.

It was interesting to read of applications within libraries of Google Calendars – while nothing springs to mind of immediate application it is useful to keep this in mind.