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Thing 3: Personal “brand”

To start I have to expresss my disquiet about the word “brand”. I’m not for sale, much as I do offer my skills, experience, time and energy into a commercial marketplace.

Perhaps that is one reason I decided a few months ago to split my twitter identity – retaining my original account for my professional (but with personality) identity and creating a new account which is more personal in nature, and isn’t linked to professional work, libraries, etc.

So back to my reputation, professional profile, or what would you have call it. Certainly activity on Twitter will be part of this and I’ve been alerted to the lack of more experienced librarians blogging etc… A lot of my professional work is outfacing, particularly within the University of London. In the last two weeks I’ve presented at a European meeting of librarians and archivists with interest in African studies (in Basel, where I was also elected onto the organising group for this body) and in London at a CPD25 networking meeting for subject librarians, where I deleivered what was described (and thankfully intended) as a thought-provoking start to the day. I’ve also been to a couple of meetings representing my Library and this is a key part of my role. This latter point raises questions about how much ones professional and organisational roles/profiles are by necessity linked.

Some actions from my reflections – I want to use slideshare or equivalent to host some of my presentations – such as the two above. This should help promote not only what I said, but also my own profile. I want to consider personal blogging in more depth. I have looked at whether I can change the name of this blog in line with the desire to align myself more clearly with this blog – but I think unless a solution comes to me the only way will be to create a new blog, copy and paste exisiting content and create a link… I’ll look further into that one


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Thing 2: exploring others’ blogs

So catching up a little, I’ll add a post which will explain my late start I promise, since it is linked to professional development.

Having looked at the lists of participants and the delicious tags for NZ (my country of origin) and research and higher education libraries, two things stood out for me – firstly that I want to use this more broadly to collate thoughts and comments on my professional development (as a tool for my second CILIP revalidation or fellowship) and secondly that I need to rethink my personal brand vis a vis this blog. I think I started thinking keep it light touch so I could practice in private, but looking at the lists of anonymise blog titles thought I needed to rethink that strategy and to rename the blog and add more about me and where I work etc.

But thing 3 awaits, and this is all about persoanl identity so a good opportunity to work through these ideas.

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Thing 1: blogging and why I’m doing CPD23

I thought about doing CPD23 last year, but as I knew I was going to be away on holiday for an extended period (I know lucky me!) I thought it wasn’t right to start something and then get stuck part way through. So, I’m very pleased CPD23 is running for another year.

But why CPD23? I’m fairly confident with a lot of social media stuff, I blog for my collection, use twitter in (separate) both personal and professional/personal capacities but know there are areas I know less about or just haven’t looked at yet. I want to use CPD23 to experiment and play with various new things and also reflect on how they could be used for work or professional activity.

I manage a team or research librarians and also look after a large area studies collection. I like both aspects of the job, but it is hard doing both roles in a working week, and in terms of career aspirations it is the management/leadership role that I want to take further.

The areas I’m looking forward to are about personal branding, organising yourself (I have an Evernote account but haven’t used it except to add a couple of notes about wine I like!), filesharing, which I think I could do better, and organising references (as I want to look at new (to me anyway) products).